Design online.

Considering the current financial difficulties and the mainstreaming of internet into our lives, our interior design agency, “Andy Giannioti, art of interior design “, offers you a new service: design on line, Thus, it is possible to engage in projects beyond Attica and, indeed, Greece.
You may send floor and/or layout plans of the interior space concerned along with photos via email to,
Similarly, we will then email you drawings of your space, including a complete design consisting of floor plans, views, 3d design, electrical diagram, lighting design, construction drawings, colours and materials proposals.
You will be able to contact us via Skype at all stages of the design, which is practically equivalent to face-to-face communication and essential for the smooth progress.
This way you enjoy financial benefits, as you save the costs of our visits to and supervision of the project-provided that this is not deemed necessary.
Interior Design